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C4 Weed Control is here to provide answers to all of your unsightly weed and grass problems. We know how weeds can ruin the beauty of your Arizona lawn or desert landscape. Not to mention how certain weeds can wreak havoc on allergies. During the monsoon season, having a dependable weed control company is essential!

We will destroy your unwanted weeds and provide solutions to keep them from returning!

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Residential and Commercial Weed Control Services

Whether you need our weed control services for your Arizona residence or commercial property, C4 Weed Control will help you maintain a great looking property, all year long. As a locally owned weed control company, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of service to insure your property remains free of weeds regardless of the season.

Pre-Emergent Weed Prevention Services

Stopping weeds before they start is a great way to keep your property looking its best! Our pre-emergent weed prevention service can stop weeds from germinating before they grow. Knowing when to apply pre-emergent herbicides is key to stopping weed growth. That’s where our expertise comes in!

Schedule your pre-emergent weed control today! Stop weeds before they start!

C4 Weed Control and Weed Prevention

Olive Tree Fruit Suppression Spray

Arizona Olive Tree Fruit SuppressionMany homes in Arizona also have Olive Tree issues. C4 Weed Control offers Olive Tree Fruit Suppression to stop your Olive Tree from bearing and dropping olives on your desert landscape, making a mess that is difficult and time consuming to pick up.

C4 Weed Control has the experience and will provide superior customer service at an affordable rate. Contact C4 Weed Control today for a free estimate and take control of your Arizona desert landscape today!

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