Weed Control Services | Greater Phoenix AZ Area

Arizona Weed Pre-Emergence | Post-Emergence ControlC4 Weed Control  is an Arizona weed control company servicing the greater Phoenix Arizona area. Locally owned and operated, C4 Weed Control is dedicated to providing professional and affordable weed control solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

C4 Weed Control provides three different services.  The first service that we provide is a monthly weed control service. This is for properties that have Bermuda or nut grass weed problems, or for those who want to have a weed free property at all year round.

The rate for this service starts at $23 per month. This service guarantees a weed free property including the Bermuda and Nut grass problems. Again, this is for a standard front yard that is between 3-5,000 square feet, larger areas will need to be priced accordingly.

Pre Emergent Weed Prevention | Post Emergent Weed Control

The second type of service that C4 Weed Control provides is a Pre / Post weed emergence application every six months. This is to help control any broad leaf weed problems that you may encounter during the rainy seasons.

The price for this type of application is $125 per treatment and we suggest applying it every 6 months. The area this will cover is a normal lot that is on average 7-10,000 square feet. Lots that are bigger than this will be priced accordingly.

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