Olive Tree Fruit Suppression Spraying Service

Olive Tree Fruit Suppression The third service we provide is Olive Tree Fruit suppression. If you have olive trees on your property, you know what a mess they can create. Ripe olives can clutter your lawn and leave stains on sidewalks and carpets when tracked inside.

This application also cuts down on the pollen that is produced for those with olive tree allergies. You can dramatically reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms with our olive tree spraying services.

To avoid these problems, we offer olive tree spraying services that regulates the growth of olive fruit. This is an application that needs to be applied to olive trees once a year to prevent production of fruit for the year.

The rate for this application starts at $75 per tree. Discounts available for multiple olive trees.

Note: Olive Tree Spraying is a seasonal service generally occurring Mid-January to April. Appointments fill up quick so contact us to schedule your appointment today!

All inquiries can be directed to Steve, by e-mail at steve@c4weedcontrol.com or by calling 480-773-9726.

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